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Student partnership

One the key aims of the project is to work with students, especially people who experience structural discrimination and exclusion that stems from eugenic ideas.

Apply for ChangeMakers funding

ELEP is one of the four themes under which to apply for ChangeMakers funding. We encourage staff and students to come forward with ideas such as updating module content, modelling good practice, and working creatively with difficult knowledge.

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Become a student intern

Our interns will provide important support for the project and have the opportunity to work on a range of activities including:

  • collaborate with academics
  • create resources
  • support events
  • lead reading groups
  • produce podcasts

Open to UCL undergraduates and postgraduates, interns will be employed via UniTemps.

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Join the postgraduate student network

Are you researching topics related to eugenics histories and legacies, and other eugenics-related subjects? This group provides a supportive space for students to meet, collaborate and share ideas. 

The network will offer opportunities to: 

  • Discuss the ethical, methodological and practical challenges of researching eugenics histories and legacies. 
  • Share updates on projects and present work in progress.
  • Share research publications related to eugenics histories and legacies. 
  • Plan events within the group – for example inviting speakers within UCL. 
  • Provide supportive feedback on presentations, drafts of writing etc. 
  • Write collaboratively for peer reviewed publications and other forms of academic communication. 
  • Signpost resources for postgraduate researchers in the field of eugenics histories and legacies and eugenics-related research. 

Join the network [UCL students only]