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As our project progresses, we will share educational resources to support the inclusion of UCL’s eugenics legacy, and other difficult and/or sensitive topics, into the curriculum at UCL and beyond. 

A note about our resources

Please take care when accessing the resources below. These include content intended to offer a historical and critical analysis of the development and role of eugenics. However they contain often upsetting information about race, class, and disability. Please be aware that some writers do not always contextualise their work in ways that prepare the reader for descriptions of these ideas.

Inclusive education resources

Project reading list

This reading list is a work in progress and will be curated later in the project. It currently houses an array of resources split into four sections: the UCL eugenics inquiry; UCL resources relating to eugenics; external resources relating to eugenics; and resources relating to education. This is accessible to all UCL staff and students. 

Find our reading list on the UCL Library Services website

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