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New inclusive education training programme

2 February 2024

Discover a fresh online learning experience designed to equip staff and students with the knowledge and skills to foster inclusivity in our learning community. 

Educator talking two two deaf students

Enrol today to explore conversations around equity, and gain confidence to apply inclusive principles in everyday learning interactions. 

Key features

  • Convenient self-paced learning: accessible to everyone at UCL, whenever suits you. 
  • Concise: complete all six modules in approximately two hours.
  • Relevant and evolving content: Stay up-to-date with inclusive education practices. 

Topics include

  • Awarding gaps: delve into educational disparities and experiences. 
  • Basic principles of accessibility. 
  • Inclusive language: navigate the impact of words on fostering inclusivity. 
  • Identity and belonging in educational spaces.  

Created by the Arena Centre's Inclusive Education Lead and UCL colleagues from Arena, the Student Success Office, Digital Accessibility, and the Centre for Behaviour Change. 

Ready to broaden your understanding and contribute to a more inclusive UCL?

Enrol to become part of a community committed to a diverse and welcoming educational environment. Let's celebrate our differences and value every voice.