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The Eugenics Legacy Education Project has a range of events aimed at both UCL staff and students and external stakeholders.

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Exploring contested histories using collaboration and citizens' assemblies

Online, 2:00–3:30pm, Tuesday 2 July 2024.

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Reparative futures of education - Arathi Sriprakash

In this session, we explore how the idea of reparation can help address the injustices of education systems, in particular the legacies of eugenics in universities such as UCL.

The idea of reparation requires us to understand the interconnections between past, present, and future in both the formation of injustice and its repair. It implies that until injustices are actively addressed they can endure in social institutions – such as universities – which also shape lives to come.

In this workshop we discuss, material, epistemicand pedagogic dimensions of reparation to create a more just future of education. 

Professor Sriprakash is Professor of Education at University of Bristol. She is the co-author of Learning Whiteness: Education and the Settler Colonial State and co-director of the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education. She is a recipient of an ERC Consolidator Grant for her project RepairEd: Reparative Futures of Education which will look at identifying and redressing educational injustices.   

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Watch the recording below:

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Curating content: tackling difficult topics in the age of activism - Alice Stevenson

This event looks at the challenges of tackling difficult topics in higher education curriculums from the perspective of a UCL Museum Studies professor.

As teachers in Higher Education, we are often assumed to be experts in our field. But when the social and political contexts of that field profoundly shift it can leave us feeling uncertain and uncomfortable. 

Decolonisation of disciplines has swept across institutions in what is an intensified cultural moment of political action and redress based upon decades of Indigenous peoples’ and civil-rights activism. Our own education and experiences may leave us feeling ill equipped to address the wide-ranging implications of these movements, even as we strive for more ethical and equitable pedagogies.  

In this session, Professor Stevenson talks through her experience of teaching Museum Studies, the curriculum for which has had to radically change over the last six years to reflect a rapidly changing sector. The event is introduced by Helen Knowler, associate professor (education) at the UCL Arena Centre for Research based Education.

Watch the recording below:

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Determining biological citizenship: Creating and effacing difference in Puerto Rico’s education - Bethsaida Nieves

Dr Nieves' work analyses the ways in which institutional practices gave legitimacy to conceptualisations of difference in Puerto Rico’s schooling and society. She examines the ways in which discourses of difference provided educators with information about whom the Puerto Rican child was or could become. These epistemological and ontological reference points shifted under the first years of civil colonial rule, which constructed a state of liminal governmentality in Puerto Rico’s education and society. For Puerto Rico’s case, sustained avoidance became a tactic for governing, which has kept Puerto Rico in a state of suspended sovereignty since the turn of the twentieth century. 

Dr Nieves obtained her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Nieves’ specialty is analysing the systems of reason(ing) and the intersectionalities that produce knowledge, power, and difference in education and society. She delivered this research seminar in November 2023 as part of her visit to UCL’s arranged with ELEP.  

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Integrating teaching on ‘sensitive’ topics into your lessons - Jayne Kavanagh

Jayne Kavanagh draws on her ten years’ experience of facilitating UCL medical student sessions on so called ‘sensitive’ topics – abortion, FGM and domestic abuse – to open up discussion on integrating teaching on ‘sensitive’ topics into the curriculum.

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Towards a pedagogy for difficult histories: Insights from Holocaust education - Andy Pearce

This online event reflects upon teaching 'difficult histories' through the lens of Holocaust education.

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Teaching difficult knowledge training sessions

There are three training sessions written and delivered by Helen Knowler, ELEP's academic lead. Each builds upon the previous session; people can attend all as a series, or choose the session(s) most relevant to them. The live courses are currently for UCL colleagues only, but a recording of the first session is available below.

  1. Teaching difficult and/or sensitive topics: Three starting points session, a 30-minute online taster session exploring some of the challenges and opportunities for educators when planning their teaching. Next session is 20 June 2024. A recording of this non-interactive session is available below.
  2. Preparing to teach difficult and/or sensitive topics in Higher Education: Theory into practice, a 90-minute online interactive workshop critically exploring theories and frameworks for teaching these topics. Next session is 15 May 2024.
  3. Leading on teaching difficult and/or sensitive topics in higher education, a three-hour face-to-face session exploring the implications of leading on teaching and learning activities in this area. Next session is 25 June 2024.

If you are interested in ELEP delivering bespoke training to your team, please contact us (elep@ucl.ac.uk).

Teaching difficult and/or sensitive topics: Three starting points 

In this 30-minute taster session, Helen Knowler explores some of the challenges and opportunities for educators when planning to teach difficult and/or sensitive topics in higher education. 

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