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askUCL: A service for students

22 September 2022

askUCL is an information-hub designed to streamline students UCL-related questions and queries.

askUCL logo

askUCL is UCL’s self-help centre and student enquiry system designed to streamline the way we handle student enquiries.

askUCL works like a digital student enquiries centre, giving students access to over 600+ FAQs to answer their questions or signpost them to web information or the team who can support them.

To access the service, students have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Log-in to askUCL
  2. Type in their question or any key words linked to their query.
  3. Find an answer to their question in the FAQ bank

If they cannot find an answer to their question, they can log an enquiry which will be triaged to the team who can best support them.

Ahead of the start of teaching and throughout the year, whether your students have a question on café opening times, their student record or support services, they should askUCL!

Find out more about the system and project behind askUCL and the work to evolve student enquiry and case management at UCL.