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Support to develop digital assessments

19 October 2022

UCL's Digital Assessment Advisory team shares how they are supporting departments through training and guidance to get the most out of digital assessments.


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How we can help 

Whether you are getting started or looking to develop your existing practice, Digital Assessment Advisors (DAAs) can advise on both the pedagogical and technological aspects of digital assessment. 

We offer encouragement and practical support to enable you to decide on the best approach for you, whilst navigating some of the challenges.  

The DAA team will be working in a range of assessment areas across the institution this coming year, working with Faculty staff, Programme teams and Arena colleagues, to design and deliver timely and relevant assessment-related initiatives and workshops. 

Priority areas for this year include:

  • Assessment design
  • Academic integrity
  • Effective feedback
  • Marking within the digital space.  

To access support refer to the Support during an AssessmentUCL assessment page. 

AssessmentUCL preparation 2022-23

The focus of the digital assessment team is currently on improving the situation for those already using the platform and enhancing the platform for the future.  

If you are planning to deliver your departmental assessments on AssessmentUCL in 2022-23, please view our recommendations and next steps for departments to help you get started with your assessments as well as understand any practices around assessments you would like to advance. 

This information will help you establish if this is the right platform for you and whether you have sufficient administrative capacity within your department to support and effectively manage the delivery of assessments on the platform.   


View the AssessmentUCL training and support page for full details of the range of training available. 

New online workshops are scheduled throughout this term, including: 

  • Authoring assessment on AssessmentUCL 
  • Managing assessment on AssessmentUCL  
  • Marking and feedback on AssessmentUCL  


We have extensive guidance on our AssessmentUCL Resource Centre, including: