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Funding available to help diversify your curriculum

7 April 2022

A limited number of £500 and £1500 grants are available for 'Liberating the Curriculum' projects to take place in this academic year.

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We are very pleased to announce that Arena Centre funding is available to help further initiatives aimed at improving the inclusivity of education at UCL. The Liberating the Curriculum (LTC) grants are intended to stimulate and support changes and initiatives that will improve education for UCL students from marginalised groups.

Application criteria

Any member of UCL staff can apply for either a £500 or £1,500 grant. These funds are to stimulate change rather than implement routine work. We will favour bold initiatives that look towards ‘where things need to be’ rather than ‘moving from where we are now’.

Successful projects will work with stakeholders other than teaching staff, for instance, bringing in external expertise or working closely with students. This will ideally generate resources that others can use and/or involve an event with external expertise.

How funds can be used

Your application should state why and how these funds can make a difference. We do not have fixed stipulations about their use, but preference will be given to their use for unique opportunities (such as bringing in an expert) rather than everyday items (such as catering for relevant meetings).

They can be used to supplement and extend an existing project or to fund a new intervention. They can also be used as part of projects that go beyond UCL, as long as there is visible impact and/or resources within UCL.

Outputs and dissemination

Grant recipients are expected to work with Arena and the LTC working group to provide resources following the use of the funds; the exact form can be negotiated depending on the nature of the project but likely outputs would be:

  • publication of resources, preferably with commentary of some kind (either via LTC or another UCL site);
  • creation of Open Educational Resources;
  • interview and materials on the LTC blog;
  • offering a workshop (through Arena) or signposting a publication to disseminate lessons learned.

Key dates

Deadline for applications: 28 April 2022
Announcement of recipients: 4 May 2022

Please note these funds will be transferred from Arena to departments promptly. Grants must be spent within this academic year (by 31 July 2022) but if they are part of wider initiatives, the implementation can extend beyond that timeframe.

How to apply

Please send the completed Word form to Jason Davies (Arena Centre) by the end of 28 April 2022.

Download application form [Word]

Further information

See the Liberating the Curriculum page for an introduction to how UCL is addressing the issue of inclusivity in the curriculum.

Examples of past projects can be seen via the Liberating the Curriculum Moodle (self-enroll or guest access). 

Further information is available on the Liberating the Curriculum blog.