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Support for staff teaching on-campus and online students together

3 September 2021

Summary of the training and guidance available for staff undertaking basic hybrid teaching in Term 1.

Masked student studying on campus

As a result of circumstances related to the pandemic, some students based overseas may find it difficult to arrive in London during Term 1. Where possible, UCL is supporting such students to study remotely with the expectation that they will come to campus by the start of Term 2 at the latest.

This article outlines where to find guidance and training to help you design and deliver a basic hybrid teaching approach.  

About ‘basic’ hybrid

The term ‘hybrid teaching’ generally refers to teaching both in-person and remote students in the same class. The level of technology and pedagogical approach can range in sophistication, from lavish custom-built classrooms to small additions of new technology into existing spaces. UCL has a hybrid lecture theatre but given the large size of UCL’s teaching estate, we need a broad approach to hybrid teaching that can be applied in hundreds of different teaching spaces. We are calling this approach ‘basic hybrid’.

The staff development resources below will enable you to support remote students to follow along with programme content, remain connected with their classmates and meet their learning outcomes until they can join us on campus.

Resources and training

Digital Education and Arena Centre have developed a package of support for staff who will be teaching on-campus and overseas-based students simultaneously. The aim is to help colleagues learn more about basic hybrid teaching and to allow teachers to get familiar with equipment and format before needing to use it with students.

Town halls: Supporting basic hybrid teaching

A Town Hall (repeated twice) will explore the different teaching delivery mode options available for remote students alongside campus-based students.There will be a particular focus on ‘basic hybrid’ and ‘Lecturecast Live’ with the opportunity to ask the panel any questions you have and find out about the support and training available to you.

Watch a recording of a past Town Hall or access joining links for upcoming Town Halls.

Workshops: Hybrid teaching fundamentals

These hands-on, experiential sessions for staff will:

  • help you get a feel for the ‘basic hybrid’ set up;
  • witness the log in and computer settings process;
  • develop an understanding of recommended protocols and techniques;
  • seek answers to both technical and practical teaching questions; and
  • if on campus, test the processes for yourself.  

We recommend you join in-person but there is an online version available

Book onto an upcoming workshop.

Teaching Toolkit: Basic ‘hybrid teaching’

This toolkit introduces the concept of ‘basic’ hybrid teaching and some tips for how to make the process more manageable for you and a more engaging experience for students.

Video resources: Using hybrid teaching technology in UCL classrooms

Step-by-step instructions for how to use existing and new technology in UCL classrooms for a basic approach to hybrid teaching.

Further help

Digital Education and Arena Centre are working closely with Faculty Learning Technology Leads, who are the best first point of contact for further advice on hybrid teaching at UCL.