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Changes to Assistant Internal Examiner criteria for 2020-21

24 September 2020

Assistant Internal Examiner eligibility criteria amended to help programmes which have over-recruited.


UCL’s Examinations and Assessment Contingency Panel has approved a temporary change to the regulations for 2020-21 in order to help those programmes which have significantly over-recruited this year.

Where a Postgraduate Research Student acts as a first marker, the second marker no longer needs to be a “permanent member of UCL academic staff” - any suitably-qualified Internal Examiner can act as the second marker. The amended regulation can be found in the UCL Academic Manual, Chapter 4, Section 13.9: Assistant Internal Examiners. 

If your department is in the position of having to recruit additional examiners, please familiarise yourself with the eligibility criteria before making appointments- for example UG and PGT students are not eligible to act as Internal or Assistant Examiners.

You might also find it helpful to review the Marking and Moderation regulations, and consider whether you might be able to use sampled second-marking more widely this year. Maintaining academic standards while reducing administrative burden in 2020-21 includes more information.

Work is also underway to update the Internal Examiner regulations to align with the principles in the new Teaching Concordat – look out for further details soon.