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Pilot project begins to build a picture of programme assessment

22 March 2017

Nine departments are involved in a pilot project that will contribute to a wide-ranging review of assessment at UCL.

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The departments are road-testing a tool to gather data about assessment practices. Their work will help to refine the tool so that data can be collected from all departments. 

The project seeks answers to the following questions:

  • What types of assessment are carried out at UCL, and in what proportions? How does this vary within and between programmes and departments?
  • What problems have been identified at programme and faculty levels?
  • What are the assessment profiles for programmes / departments which score consistently high or consistently low in student satisfaction surveys?
  • What information is provided to students about assessment?

Data collected from departments will be analysed alongside data from undergraduate and postgraduate surveys in order to identify trends, get a better understanding of where the challenges lie, and correlate particular assessment patterns and feedback practices with student satisfaction scores.

The Assessment Review, which began earlier this session, has been prompted by the results of the annual National Student Survey (NSS), and a commitment to improve student satisfaction with assessment. Designing effective assessment and feedback is one of the core objectives of the UCL Education Strategy 2016-21.

The Assessment Review is led by a cross-college group of academic and professional services staff and students. For guidance on ways of improving assessment and feedback, read our Quick Guides and assessment case studies.