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Initiatives and resources supporting the objectives of UCL's Education Strategy 2016-21


UCL Education Strategy 2016-21

UCL's five-year strategy for improving education and enhancing the student experience has been created in collaboration with the UCL community.

UCL 2034 commits us to becoming a world leader in the integration of education and research, and the 2016-21 Education Strategy will determine where we focus our attention over the next five years as we work towards that goal.

The strategy includes our commitments to:

  • personalising student support
  • putting research and enquiry at the heart of learning
  • improving assessment and feedback
  • developing student engagement and leadership
  • revitalising postgraduate taught education
  • creating a teaching estate to meet our needs
  • enriching digital learning
  • preparing students for the workplace and the world

This is an updated version of the strategy, revised in June 2017.

Thank you for helping us shape our education strategy for the next five years. Please use the strategy as a talking point with your students and in your departmental meetings and please share it with colleagues.

If you would like a set of slides so that you can talk to external or internal audiences on the strategic focus of education at UCL, please email teaching.learning@ucl.ac.uk.

More information about delivering the strategy