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Are you (re)designing a programme? Let Arena Centre and Digital Education help

23 March 2017

Colleagues designing new programmes or revising existing ones can access support from the Arena Centre for Research-based Education and the Digital Education team.

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Teams across UCL are using UCL's Connected Curriculum framework and ground-breaking digital resources to design inspiring programmes that engage students in enquiry-based learning. 

The Arena Centre and Digital Education have created a range of guides, workshops and hands-on design sessions to support programme designers in their design work. Teams can also choose to work with students, benchmarking their programmes against the Connected Curriculum Framework Guide.

Colleagues from a wide range of disciplines have already made use of the game-based Arena Blended and Connected (ABC) Curriculum Design workshops. In just 90 minutes, teams create a visual ‘storyboard’, outlining the type and sequence of learning activities and assessment and feedback opportunities (both online and offline) to meet module or programme learning outcomes.  ABC generates high levels of engagement, creative informed dialogue and group reflection about curriculum design – and it’s quick and effective for time-poor academics.

ABC, which has been developed through the UCL HEFCE-funded Catalyst Project - Action for Curriculum Enhancement (ACE), has been well-received beyond UCL, for example at Glasgow and Aarhus (DK) Universities. There are versions in Spanish and Dutch following workshops in Chile and Belgium.

Ask the team to help you design your programmes, and help us at the same time to evaluate ABC.

Are you interested? Please contact c.p.l.young@ucl.ac.uk or vincent.tong@ucl.ac.uk

Find out more on the project and ABC.