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Promote educational enhancement by encouraging your students to take you out to tea

22 February 2017

UCL ChangeMakers is offering 100 £5 vouchers to students to enable them to take a member of staff out for a tea/coffee to discuss ways to enhance their learning experience.

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The meetings will provide an informal opportunity for students and staff to think together about how the student learning experience can be enhanced and to start the process of planning a UCL ChangeMakers project.

UCL ChangeMakers projects must be undertaken in partnership between students and staff with the aim of enhancing the student learning experience at UCL, and in particular those areas prioritised by the UCL Education Strategy, 2016-2021. Project funding of up to £1000 is available as well as student stipends for students working on the projects.

UCL ChangeMakers is about collaboration and innovation to enhance the UCL learning experience. It enables students and staff to work together to make changes for the benefit of everyone in the UCL community. Any member of the UCL learning community (students or staff) can apply for a grant to conduct a UCL ChangeMakers project.

The next deadline for project proposals is the end of Thursday 22 June 2017, and there are Q&A sessions running throughout March to enable you to get feedback on your idea from the UCL ChangeMakers team. 

Students can apply for a £5 voucher by emailing changemakers@ucl.ac.uk, putting ‘Cup of tea’ and their UPI in the subject line and telling us who they would like to take out for tea/coffee. The vouchers will be emailed out on a first-come-first-served basis, while stocks last.