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Summary of Reasonable Adjustment (SORA) 30 September

30 September 2021, 10:00 am–11:30 am

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Learn about the SORA process at UCL and ensure it is effective in both an in person and online environment, in this session with Student Support and Wellbeing.

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Thursday 30 September 10:00 - 11:30

Student Support and Wellbeing, together with UCL Arena Centre are delivering this session, which is open to all staff at UCL.

The Summary of Reasonable Adjustment (SORA) is a key document in the support of students at UCL.

The SORA is the document that outlines the reasonable adjustments and recommended support for disabled students. Not only does it ensure students are supported it provides guidance and support to departments.

This session will review:

  • what the SORA is
  • why we have it
  • what considerations you need to make to ensure that the SORA is effective in both an in-person and online environment. 

After attending this session you will 

•    understand of the SORA and the SORA process
•    understand UCL’s responsibility towards disabled students
•    understand of how to approach the SORA in an online environment 

Who should attend

You should attend if you are a member of UCL staff, personal tutor or a colleague who has any contact with students.