Sustainable UCL


Students' Union Sustainability Ambassadors

Sustainability Ambassadors play an important role in making sustainability a priority for the Students' Union.

The Students’ Union wants to be a union that actively operates in line with and advocates for students sustainability concerns. To do so, we need your help! As Sustainability Ambassadors, you will work alongside the elected Student Sustainability Officer for 2021/22 and help implement some of the actions outlined in the SU Sustainability Strategy. This is an excellent way to get more involved in the practical actions the Union is taking to become more sustainable!

There are three different roles available: 


The SU sustainability strategy outlines a range of ways in which UCL seeks to operate more sustainably as an organisation. Here, several mid-term priorities involve creating physical spaces at UCL where sustainability can be lived. We are, for instance, hoping to establish a resource centre for clubs and societies so that they can use reusable crockery, glasses, pitchers etc. for their events, a ‘student kitchen’ where students have access to hot water and cleaning facilities, and a repair space where students can lend the tools they need to fix their broken goods.

Your role would involve:

  • Helping scope out where on campus it would be possible to set up such a space (or spaces)
  • Planning how it (or they) could operate in a way that is accessible to students
  • Contacting societies about sustainable workshops, they could imagine running in this space

Sustainable travel is an area of the SU Sustainability Strategy we want to focus on as COVID-19 restrictions ease. For this, we need your help to build the necessary infrastructure to support students and clubs and societies in choosing more sustainable modes of transport to move to and from campus. This role will enable you to engage with people on sustainable travel both within UCL and UCL’s local community.

Your role would involve:

  • Working with Camden Council to increase cycling provisions in Bloomsbury and make everyday student journeys more bike-friendly
  • Encouraging students in Student Staff Consultative Committees to make sustainable academic travel a priority within departments and lobbying them to sign the ExPlane Thoughtful Travel Pledge Working with UCL on incentivising thoughtful travel, for instance, through granting coursework extensions for trips where more sustainable modes of transport are used in replacement of flights.
Communication and Engagement

Students at UCL are engaged with sustainability work in so many different ways: through societies, research projects, activisms and more. We want to share why students care about sustainability, what they think we can do as a society and individually to live in line with environmental limits, and how others can get involved. We also want to be more transparent about what we are doing to work on the issues students care about!

Your role would involve:

  • Interviewing students and academics about their engagement with sustainability and creating texts to be used for “humans-of-UCL” style posts on social media
  • Helping create and analyse online surveys on sustainability issues.
  • Producing progress reports for work done on the SU Sustainability Strategy.