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New cutting-edge Master's in Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery open for applications

1 June 2022

Our new Master's in Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery with cutting-edge VR technology is currently recruiting for September.

Doctor in VR headset uses fingers to filter virtual options

The new mixed-mode MS and PG Cert programmes combine cutting-edge VR and SoMe technology with advanced training and telementoring in Robotics and Laparoscopy.

UCL is the only UK institution to use innovative telestration technology. With this, students will be able to interact with surgeons across the globe, learn operative skills and observe latest procedures in real time.

The programme is taught mostly online, with a residential hands-on component on campus in London.

It is aimed at surgical trainees who want to learn the latest and most optimal techniques in surgery. 

The course is also particularly well-suited to overseas learners without local access to high-quality surgical education and the latest technologies.

Improving career pathways

There is an increasing drive towards technology-based healthcare, not only to improve outcomes for patients, but also to offer better value for money.

This direction of travel means that trainee surgeons will need to address technology as part of a modern surgical career.

The new Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery MS will provide specialist training and help to futureproof the skills of surgical trainees. It also offers a platform to build transferable skills in conducting research in clinical and medical science.

Overall, it supports the unique combination of theory, practice, and innovation that up-and-coming surgeons need for a fast-moving, competitive, and evolving discipline.

The programme is open for applications until 30 June. Find out more and apply today.

MS Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery

PG Cert Advanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery