UCL Division of Surgery and Interventional Science


A very inviting environment

Following a week at Aspire Create in early 2019, Jovan Nenadovic told us how much he enjoyed his short time with us.

Jovan tries out the haptic feedback at UCL's Aspire Create

1 March 2019

I found it a very inviting environment and a great atmosphere. The people who work here at Aspire Create are wonderful.

It is a very good space where it is easy to focus on work and help is always available. It’s a great experience and I learned a lot of new things throughout my time here.

The level of knowledge is immense, and it was very interesting learning about various projects such as:

  • development of an exoskeleton to help people with spinal cord injuries regain their grip and ability to grasp
  • reduction of muscle spasticity with use of vibrations and therapeutic methods
  • an implantable chip that would allow a connection to a prosthetic arm that can be used as if it were a normal functioning arm
  • many other various projects that are truly revolutionary.

The site also has access to a lot of resources and technology, such as a surgical simulator, a theatre to analyse gait and help provide treatment to those with unusual movements and other equipment to help patients.

The site is well equipped with facilities such as a swimming pool, a gym, and a cafeteria. What’s even more amazing is the location of the lab at Stanmore Campus, with beautiful greenery surrounding the whole site. It is visually stunning.

I have gained a new respect for researchers, and I now have a more defined view on my own personal future and where I wish to go due to the gained knowledge on the fields of medicine from the time I was here.

Overall, the experience here has been very enjoyable, and the staff are very intelligent individuals who are kind and inviting who are always willing to help and share their experience with others. It was a pleasure meeting so many new people in a new environment and it was very easy to settle in.

I would highly recommend the lab to anyone who gets the opportunity to work or study here - it is an excellent place to do so.

Jovan Nenadovic