Suicide prevention, awareness and support

What to do if you're having suicidal thoughts

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Information for those who may be experiencing suicidal thoughts on how to look after yourself and talk to others about your feelings.

What to do if a fellow student has shared suicidal thoughts

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UCL is a caring community, and we encourage all our students to look out for and support others who may be feeling suicidal.

What to do if a student tells you that they may be suicidal (information for UCL staff members)

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All UCL staff members can support students who are experiencing suicidal thoughts.

What to do if you are a family member or a friend of a UCL student who has shared suicidal thoughts

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Family and friends are a key support network for those experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Useful resources and training

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There are a number of useful resources available to help in the management of suicidal thoughts. Training is also available for all to help us support others.