March 2024

Read on to discover the additional events we're hosting in March.

Therapy Dogs

Monday 4th March 2024

The owners and dogs joining us in the Japanese Garden outside the Student Centre from 12pm-2pm are...

  • Jessica and Bella (Cockapoo)

Find out more about each of the dogs on our Meet the Therapy Dogs webpage!

Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing Mentoring Group

Tuesday 5th March 2024

G01 SPP Committee Room 2, Tavistock Square (31)

The Disability, Mental Health and Wellbeing team in Student Support and Wellbeing will be hosting a Mentoring Group for students who are experiencing difficulties at university and would benefit from, or prefer, a group setting for wellbeing support.

Our wonderful mentors Anna and Sue will host the Mentoring Group every Tuesday from 12pm-1pm. This term, the sessions run from Tuesday 16th January to Tuesday 5th March 2024.

Request to join the group by email

Request to join the group on askUCL

The remit for being referred to the Mentoring Group is: 

  • You may be struggling to adjust to university life
  • Mental health problems may be impacting your studies
  • You are motivated to share your experience would benefit from a group setting for wellbeing support
  • You do not have a mental health diagnosis and are ineligible for disability support (however, we will consider students with a mental health condition if a group setting will be beneficial for you)


To get the most out of the group, referrals will close once the group reaches its second meeting (Tuesday 30th January). This is so the group can get to know each other and there isn't a sense of constant change. If you would like to join after the group has closed, you will be added to the waiting list and signed up for the next group.

Centring Contemplation

Wednesdays from 1.10pm-1.50pm

This is a form of silence meditation that is suitable for people from all faith backgrounds and those from none. As it is silent, we can maintain a variety of intentions while practising together. Sessions are held in the Meditation Room on B2 of the Student Centre.


Thursdays from 1.10pm-1.50pm

A Christian service of Holy Communion. Sessions are held in the Meditation Room on B2 of the Student Centre.