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What does a red border mean in the draft timetable?

A red border indicates that there is a clash between compulsory events (i.e. two teaching events happening at the same time, where there are no alternative event times you can attend for either module). Do not submit your saved module selections if you have a clash. Change the module selected, save and re-check the timetable.  Your department may be able to provide additional information to help you understand your timetable. If there is a clash please check with your department before making your selections.

What does a blue border mean in the draft timetable?

In-person teaching events have a blue border with events at UCL East highlighted by a dark blue, thicker border. Click on the location icon for each timetable event to view the location in google maps. If you have events at different campuses on the same day, you should ensure that you have sufficient travel time. We recommend you allow an hour to travel between UCL Bloomsbury and UCL East, if you have additional accessibility needs you may wish to allow longer.

What does a yellow border mean in the draft timetable?

This indicates that the event will be delivered online.

What does the multiple events label mean in the draft timetable?

This means that there are two or more of the same event running at the same time for a module. If you select this module you will be allocated to one of the groups.

All module subgroup events are showing in the draft timetable, what does this mean?

If you can see multiple subgroup events for one of your modules e.g. Tutorials 1, 2, 3, 4… you will only need to be able to attend the events for one of those groups.

What do ‘unknown events - non-modular’ mean?

Events unrelated to modular teaching can be attached to a degree programme, or even a whole department. If you see such an event and are unsure what it is, please speak to your department admin office in the first instance.

I cannot see an event for a module in the draft timetable, what should I do?

Please contact the department in question. They will be able to advise what events will be running for this module.

Should I print my timetable?

Please do not print your timetable. Timetable information may be updated and is subject to change. We encourage students to check their timetable regularly to see if there are any changes.

Module selection

When does module selection open?

New students joining for the 2023/24 academic year can select once they have completed pre-enrolment from 11 September. Students will be sent an email inviting them to select.

What will I be able to select for 2023/24?

Look at the information provided by your department to find out more about your programme of study for next year. See Read up about your programme for more information. If you have module choices, you will be able to check the UCL Module Catalogue for 2023/24.

I have not received the email about new student module selection. What should I do?

New student module selection will open on 11 September 2023 for pre-enrolled and fully enrolled students who have module choices. You will be sent an email inviting you to select.

The link I received via email is not working. How can I access module selection?

Log in to Portico and click the My Studies tab at the top of the page. Visit the My Modules section which contains:

  • a link to the module registration task (if you have modules to select)
  • a link to the UCL module catalogue
  • details of your current module selections

Please note: If your programme does not offer a choice of modules, your modules will be automatically added to the My Modules section of Portico.

I can’t see the link to select my preferred modules. What should I do?

You will not have access to the module selection link if:

  • Your programme does not offer a choice of modules (i.e. you modules are all compulsory). However, you will be able to view your modules for 2023/24 by scrolling down to the My Modules section.
  • You have already submitted your module selections for the year. However, you can make changes to optional and elective modules up to 13 October.
  • If the above do not apply to you, please log an enquiry with askUCL.
The module I want is not available for me to select. What do I do?

Please contact your home/parent department who’ll let you know whether you can select the module in question. If you are eligible for the module, they will be able to add it to your record for consideration by the module teaching department.

I have submitted my preferred modules but want to make a change before the deadline. How can I do this?

You can make changes by logging into Portico and navigating to the MyStudies tab from 11 September to 13 October and select the ‘Change Module’ button.

How do I know if my selected modules have been approved?

You will receive when all your selections are approved. You can also visit the My Modules section on Portico to check the approval status of your module selections.

What happens if I've been declined for any selected modules?

We try to maximise the number of students who are accepted on to their first choice of modules but, unfortunately, it's not always possible. With over 50,000 students across UCL, and the complexity of the programmes and modules we offer, it is inevitable some selected modules are declined. These decisions must be considered final. If this happens, you will be able to select an alternative module in the MyStudies section on Portico.