Sustainability Induction

Start your sustainability learning experience at UCL. Find out what UCL is doing to tackle the climate emergency and how you can play an integral part.

To change the future, you have to make change possible. Sustainability is at the heart of the way we operate. From our education and our research to our campus and community, we’re committed to defining what’s next and creating new possibilities. And we’re inviting everyone to play their part.

This short course lasting 15 minutes is for all students and is the start of your sustainability education at UCL. 

Written in partnership with our students. This interactive course will teach you:

  • What sustainability and climate action means for our student population
  • What UCL is doing to tackle the climate emergency through teaching, research and campus 
  • How you can be a sustainable student during your time at UCL.

This last section will include interactive games on how to recycle, eat sustainably and cycle. You will gain an understanding of how to incorporate sustainability into your course, meet like-minded eco friends, volunteer as a Sustainability Ambassador and join our Student Sustainability Council. 

Complete the Sustainability Induction (UCL login required)