Introductory Programme

A new interactive online learning experience, the Introductory Programme will help you get to know UCL - its values, its community and its achievements - before you start your programme.

UCL introductory programme: your journey starts here
What is the Introductory Programme?

The Introductory Programme starts your journey as a UCL student.

It introduces you to the people and places of UCL, from past, present and future. Through interactive learning, images, videos and activities, we want to spark your thinking about what coming to UCL means to you. 

We want to inspire you with stories about UCL minds - people who have done and continue to do imaginative, creative problem-solving and research; introduce you to their disruptive thinking, their brilliant, sometimes questionable ideas; and get you thinking critically.

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Completing the Introductory Programme will help you build up a picture of UCL and its place in London, bringing you into this exciting world before you start out.

The Introductory Programme has been put together especially for you. Try it out - you can do as little or as much as you wish, you can visit and revisit whenever you want and use any of your devices to access it.

If you have any questions about the Introductory Programme, you can email the IP team here.

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How do I access it?

You’ll be able to start exploring the Introductory Programme as soon as you have your UCL username and password. You’ll get them when you complete pre-enrolment online.

Access the Introductory Programme here