International Postgraduate Taught: Your Online Inductions

To help you hit the ground running, we've created a number of interactive induction modules for you to complete online in your own time. We highly recommend you work through all the modules below before starting your programme.

Masters careers essentials

Woman wearing headscarf and headphones presenting to her laptop.

Open to all incoming Masters students, this short online course aims to provide you with the essential tools for planning for your future.

International Student Online Orientation Course

A group of students walking

For new international students arriving at UCL, the International Student Online Orientation Course will help you familiarise yourself with everything you need to know about life at UCL.

Getting Started with UCL's Library Services

Image shot through a window of two students researching from books

Our online library induction is your essential first step to using UCLs libraries, including all the resources and services available.

Introductory Programme

Image of Portico building from the side, showing steps and one observatory building.

A new interactive learning experience, the IP will help you get to know UCL's values, community and achievements.

Digital Education at UCL

Students sat in a line working on laptops in the library

Get familiar with the technology, learning techniques, resources and support you'll need to make the most of your studies.

Active Bystander Programme

A group of students sat on the portico steps interacting

We should all be active bystanders. Learn how to challenge unacceptable behaviour when you see and hear it.

Sustainability Induction

A group of people on stationary bikes, cycling to power a cycle cinema

Find out what UCL is doing to tackle the climate emergency and how you can play an integral part.