ExCeL London

Find out all you need to know about the ExCeL London as your examination venue.


The ExCeL is a large venue, please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your exam to give you ample time to locate your seat. 

If you have been assessed by Student Support and Wellbeing as being entitled to examination adjustments, your exams will take place on the UCL Bloomsbury campus - please do not go to the ExCeL for your exam.

See what is available at the ExCeL.

Plan your journey ahead of your exam using the TfL journey planner.

The ExCeL is served by two DLR (Docklands Light Railway) stations: Prince Regent, nearest to the east entrance, and Custom House, which is nearest to the west entrance. However, you can easily walk from one entrance to the other, as they are all on the same level. The ExCeL is approximately a 20-minute walk (1 mile) from Canning Town Station on the Jubilee Line; there are also buses that run from Canning Town to the ExCeL.

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Where is your exam hall?

The ExCeL has many exhibition halls, refer to the table below to find out where your seat is located.  Below you will find hall information for the first three weeks - this will be updated as the exam period progresses.

Finding your seat

On your exam timetable, there will be a seat number allocated to you.  You will be allocated a different seat number for each of your exams.

Every exam hall will be zoned by colours. You will be directed to place bags and coats in the same colour zone as your seat.

Week 1: 27 April - 1 May 2020 

Alight DLR at Custom House 

1 - 384REDS7
385 - 768BLUES7
769 - 1152GREENS7
1153 - 1536YELLOWS6
1537 - 1920PINKS6
1921 - 2304ORANGES6
5000 - 5030Assembly point in the exam hall - you will be seated by the exams teamS7

Weeks 2: 4 May - 7 May 2020

Alight DLR at Custom House 

1 - 384REDS8
385 - 768BLUES8
769 - 1152GREENS8
1153 - 1728YELLOWS7
1729 - 2304PINKS7
2305 - 2880ORANGES7
5000 - 5030Assembly point in the exam hall - you will be seated by the exams teamS8

Week 3: 12 May - 15 May 2020

Alight DLR at Custom House 

1 - 480REDN1
481 - 960BLUEN1
961 - 1440GREENN1
1441 - 1824YELLOWN2
1825 - 2208PINKN2
2209 - 2592ORANGEN2
5000 - 5030Assembly point in the main exam hall - you will be seated by the exams teamN1


There are a small number of exams that will remain on campus. Please make sure you check your timetable and your UCL email account for any updates from the examinations team. All students with  examination adjustments will be on the UCL Bloomsbury campus.

Advice for exams at the ExCeL

  • Plan your route ahead of time and keep an eye on the TFL website on the morning of your exam to check for any line closures on your planned route.
  • In the unlikely event that there is disruption to the DLR, make sure you have planned an alternative route in advance.
  • Give yourself plenty of additional time to arrive to ensure that you are not affected by any unforeseen transport problems.
  • Note that many journeys to the ExCeL go through major transport hubs e.g. Waterloo, Bank and London Bridge. Be prepared for these to be busy, especially for morning exams.
  • Remember to touch out (and in) using your Oyster card, Contactless card or phone at Custom House or Prince Regent. The yellow card readers may not be immediately visible.
  • There are plenty of seating areas at the ExCeL; however, these may become busy if the ExCeL is hosting lots of other events. If the weather is nice, there are outdoor areas by the entrances where you can sit while waiting for your exam.
  • There are a variety of food outlets in the ExCeL to suit all diets. To save time and money, you may prefer to bring your own food if you are staying at the venue throughout the day.
  • Don’t bring any non-essential valuable items to the exam. While you are taking your exam, you will be directed to place your bags and coats in identified places in the examination hall.
  • Note that the exam hall is very large. Make sure you know your seat number before going inside. If you have never been to the ExCeL before, you may find it useful to visit before your first exam, to familiarise yourself with the venue. 
  • Dress in layers, as it can sometimes get cold in the exam hall.

For further advice on how to manage your revision effectively, how to look after your wellbeing during the exam period and how to perform at your best on the day, read our Exam Success Guide.