SSW Beat the January Blues: Paint by Numbers Drop-in

25 January 2024, 1:00 pm–6:00 pm

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Take time out and let your mind wander whilst completing your very own paint-by-numbers design.

This event is free.

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Open to

UCL students






Student Support and Wellbeing


Garden Room
Main Wilkins Building
Gower Street

'Beat the January Blues', organised by Student Support and Wellbeing, is a series of events in Term 2 (Monday 22nd - Wednesday 31st January 2024) where you can gather, giggle, get outside and meet others. Our activities will boost your mood and help you forget about the winter weather. Be sure to book your spot at these events and activities!

About the paint by numbers drop-in

Would you like to try your hand at painting, but don't know where to start? Feel the mood-boosting, therapeutic benefits of the creative arts. Take your painting home to enjoy it every day! Please book in advance so that you can drop in at any time between 1pm-6pm. We estimate that each painting should take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Benefits of paint by numbers

Many people today find solace and relaxation in the simple act of painting by numbers. This enjoyable hobby offers us a delightful way to decompress, delve into our creativity, and cultivate mindfulness. Read about some more of the benefits it brings below.

Stress reduction: Engaging in paint by numbers can serve as a therapeutic escape from the pressures of the outside world. As you immerse themselves in the art of painting, you enter a state of flow, where your mind becomes fully absorbed in the creative process. This meditative experience can reduce stress levels, promote relaxation, and improve overall mental well-being.

Cognitive benefits: The process of matching numbers to specific colors requires focus, concentration, and attention to detail. Regular practice of paint by numbers can enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Additionally, it can stimulate the brain's right hemisphere, known for its role in creativity and imagination.

Social bonding: Paint by numbers provides an excellent opportunity for social bonding and building a sense of community. Joining workshops dedicated to this hobby allows individuals to connect with like-minded people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Physical and mental relaxation: Paint by numbers offers a unique opportunity to unwind both physically and mentally. The calming and repetitive motion of painting can relax muscles and reduce physical tension. Furthermore, the creative process stimulates the brain's reward system, releasing endorphins that promote a sense of joy and happiness.

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Build your SSW

Student Support and Wellbeing curate termly campaigns to support the three core aspects of your own SSW: Social bonding, Skills for life and Wellbeing at university. Each activity aims to develop one, two, or all three of these aspects.

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