Where to get help when you need it

UCL has teams of experts when it comes to wellbeing, disability and mental health, or library and IT support.

Wellbeing, disability and mental health support

First step is to visit UCL’s support and wellbeing page. There UCL provides information on how to support your mental health and wellbeing at university and provides access to advisors who you can meet and talk to about any issues you are facing.

UCL also offers additional support for disabled students and student psychological and councelling services

The Students' Union UCL also put on a host of wellbeing events throughout the year to help you look after your wellbeing whilst at university. Alternatively, Project Active is a collaboration between UCL and the Student Union and offers UCL students a wide range of inclusive, beginner-friendly opportunities to get active.

Support for all your IT needs

Explore the Information Services Division. They also have an online helpdesk (both phoneline and online chat service) and a physical presence in a lot of UCL's libraries. 

Library Help

There are different ways to get help and contact UCL Library staff.

There is also a library service updates webpage where you can view updates to service availability and learn about borrowing, click and collect, study spaces, and paying fines or fees online. 

Not sure where to find answers, advice or support?

Use AskUCL: UCL's student enquiry system. Your one-stop shop to ask any questions that you have, which will correctly get directed to the correct team to answer your enquiry. 


Or try Student Union Advice & Support: they are there to give you support, care about the things you care about, and fight for you when need someone in your corner.