Connected Learning Course

At UCL, education is about making connections. Connected Learning at UCL explores our approach to learning this year and looks at how you can become a successful Connected Learner.

What is the Connected Learning at UCL course? 

While social distancing continues there will be limited opportunities to offer face-to-face teaching and learning in its most familiar forms. Alongside any on campus teaching we want you to engage in online learning that is active, collaborative, and enjoyable whilst sensitive to the needs of our diverse student community. We are calling this approach Connected Learning.

The Connected Learning at UCL course explores this approach and offers a practical opportunity for both new and returning students to experience an online course before the new term begins. It’s designed with a range of content and learning activities that:

  • Ensure you have the tech you need
  • Demonstrate how to use our core learning technologies
  • Help you find and use academic resources
  • Explore studying on campus
  • Guide you towards help and support, and
  • Enable you to become a confident and motivated Connected Learner.

Positioned alongside this guidance, case studies from UCL students and recent graduates offer practical hints and tips around how to approach your studies in a way that works for you.

How do I access it?

You’ll be able to begin Connected Learning at UCL as soon as you have your UCL user ID and password. You’ll get them when you complete pre-enrolment online. Access Connected Learning at UCL here:

Start the Connected Learning course now