Science and Technology Studies


STS offers degrees at each university level: undergraduate, masters, and PhD


STS people

UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) is a research and teaching department with specialist interests in history and philosophy of science, science policy, and science communication.

This page identifies the people who serve in specific roles across the department. Not sure who to contact? Check the list below.

Who does what in STS?

Head of DepartmentProf. Joe CainWebsts-hod0207 679 3041
Department Manager

Ms Lori Coletti Campbell (on secondment to Physics and Astronomy)

Ms Alex Reffell (secondee)

 sts-dm0207 679 4371
Research and Finance AdministrationMs Susan Walsh sts-finance0207 679 0170
UGT programme tutor (undergraduate)Dr Brendan ClarkeWebsts-ugtutor0207 679 7132
UGT admissions tutor (undergraduate)Dr Jean-Baptiste GouyonWebsts-admissions0207 679 3490
UGT (undergraduate) and PGT (Masters) administratorMs Randalle Roberts sts-aa0203 108 1505
PGT programme tutor (MSc)Dr Bill MacLehoseWebsts0207 679 2929
PGT admissions tutor (MSc)Prof. Andrew GregoryWebsts-msc-admissions0207 679 3490
PGR programme tutor (PhD)Dr Tiago MataWebsts-pgtutor0203 108 4412
PGR admissions (PhD) Ms Susan Walsh sts-finance0207 679 0170
STS seminars and talksSTS Professional Services team sts0207 679 1328
Media/Website/Social Media enquiriesMr Malcolm Chalmers sts-operations0207 679 1328
other enquiriesSTS Professional Services team sts0207 679 1328

For e-mail addressees, add the suffix "@ucl.ac.uk"