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Dr Jenny Bulstrode

Dr Jenny Bulstrode

Lecturer in History of Science and Technology

Dept of Science & Technology Studies

Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Joined UCL
1st Jul 2020

Research summary

Jenny's time is split between UCL and theRoyal Institution where her current research focuses on historical lessons for cross-cultural science policy, industrial strategy and equitable sustainable innovation. Her background is as a historian of physics and industrial technology with a particular interest in the universalising claims of science and capitalism, and cross-cultural encounters in experiment, innovation and materials.

Teaching summary

STS Perspectives on Big Problems, Department of Science and Technology Studies - this module introduces students to the uses of STS in solving big problems in the contemporary world.

Science and Decolonising Modernity, Department of Science and Technology Studies - this module supports students to develop marginalised lines of research and develops historical lessons for present day global concerns, including modern science's claims to view-from-nowhere objective knowledge.

Science in the Nineteenth Century, Department of Science and Technology Studies - this module gives a critical introduction to key themes in global histories of science in the nineteenth century.

Nanotechnology and Society, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering - this module considers the ethical and social challenges faced by nanotechnology research and application now and in the future to support students to become better researchers and innovators.


Doctorate, Doctor of Philosophy |


Before joining UCL in July 2020, Jenny began a Jesus College Junior Research Fellowship in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, carrying out postdoctoral research on the industrial origins of climate change with a particular focus on globalisation and the displacement of Indigenous industries and sustainable practices. During her AHRC-funded doctoral research, (awarded 2020), she held both Caird and Sackler research fellowships, respectively considering cultural and technical histories of metal. Awards for her published work include: a 2020 International Committee for the History of Science and Technology Daumas Prize; the 2018 American Academy of Arts and Sciences Sarton Prize (only awarded in the event of a suitable candidate, last awarded in 2012) and the 2014 British Society for the History of Science Singer Prize.