Report an incident

UCL aims to provide and maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for its staff, students, partners and visitors. There are several different ways of reporting an incident, depending on what kind of incident it is.

Before you start

Choose from the incident types below:

1. Report an emergency on campus

In the event of an accident or emergency, contact UCL Security before ringing 999. This allows the security team to direct the emergency services to the correct location.

2. Report a data breach (including ‘near misses’)

The GDPR introduces a duty on all organisations to report certain types of personal data breach to the relevant supervisory authority. This must be done immediately.

3. Report an IT incident (non GDPR)

For IT incidents not related to a personal data breach, e.g. phishing, malware/virus, DoS/brute force attack and theft or loss of UCL mobile IT equipment please complete the form below: 

4. Report a hazard or dangerous situation

If you notice a hazard that is likely to cause harm to UCL staff or visitors please report via InsideUCL or ring the customer helpdesk immediately on 020 7679 0000 or UCL ext. 30000.

5. Report an accident, injury or acute illness

If you are injured at work, seriously ill at work, or if you witness an incident, it is critical that you report it at the earliest opportunity. 

6. Report a theft/crime

If you have witnessed or are a victim of any crime, please report this immediately to the UCL security team. You can either: 

7. Report bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct (anonymously or otherwise)

UCL has a dedicated website that brings together the relevant policies and guidance and provides a way to report any bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct incident.

8. Report contamination or damage to land, air, water, plant or animal life

Tell us if you see something that has or that is likely to cause harm to the natural environment e.g. pollution, spills of hazardous substances or issues that affect our local community e.g. excessive noise or litter.