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Academic Services: teams and responsibilities

Information about Academic Services, including our broad responsibilities and contact details for each of our teams. This information is intended for use by UCL staff.

We are responsible for policy and operations relating to institutional governance, committees, quality management and enhancement, research governance, senior academic staff appointments, examinations, student records and student lifecycle support.

For information on our student-facing services please visit the students website or student centre

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Academic Model Project team

Changes to working activities due to Covid-19

  • Support for the progression and award process will now be delivered remotely

Responsibilities include:

  • ensure SITS data is setup in a way that reflects best practice
  • ensure UCL’s regulations, structure and credit framework are represented in SITS
  • facilitate process improvements made possible by the new data structure
  • deliver a robust technical environment with reporting capability to match our needs
  • deliver a re-built student fees matrix to match the new and improved data structure

Email: academicmodelproject@ucl.ac.uk
Location: 9th Floor, 1-19 Torrington Place

Academic Policy and Quality Assurance team

Changes to working activities due to Covid-19

  • Support for the governance of academic decision making (via ReEdCom, EACP and RDC) will continue, but meetings may be virtual.
  • Regulatory advice will be provided via email, Sharepoint or MS Teams.
  • The team will be unavailable via telephone.

Responsibilities include:

  • maintain and develop UCL’s academic regulations
  • provide advice and support to students and staff across UCL on matters pertaining to the academic policy and regulations of UCL
  • develop UCL’s approach to quality review and enhancement, including the formation of quality review policies, regulations and procedures such as:
    • Internal Quality Review (IQR);
    • Annual Student Experience Review;
    • Programme Approval;
    • Academic Partnerships;
    • External Examining arrangements.

academicregulations@ucl.ac.uk (Regulations queries)
examiners@ucl.ac.uk (External Examiner appointment and reports)
acadserv.pmap@ucl.ac.uk (Programme approval)
academic.partnerships@ucl.ac.uk (Academic Partnerships)
aser@ucl.ac.uk (Annual Student Experience Review)
Location: 9th Floor, 1-19 Torrington Place

Casework and Governance team

Changes to working activities due to Covid-19

  • Support for Council and other senior committees will continue to be provided physically if required. 
  • Casework activities will be operate remotely.
  • The team will be unavailable via telephone.

Responsibilities include:

  • service UCL’s principal established committees
  • review student cases under UCL’s Student Complaints and Student Disciplinary procedures
  • manage the procedure for handling allegations of research misconduct
  • provide advice and support to students and staff across UCL on matters pertaining to the student casework policy and procedures of UCL

academic.services@ucl.ac.uk (Governance enquiries)
casework@ucl.ac.uk (Casework enquiries)
Location: 9th Floor, 1-19 Torrington Place

Examinations team

Changes to working activities due to Covid-19

  • The main invigilation period has been cancelled and alternative assessment will now be delivered online
  • The examinations team will continue to support the administration of new alternative assessment arrangements.
  • Planning for Late Summer Assessments is ongoing.
  • The team will be unavailable via telephone, but students can raise queries through askUCL.

Responsibilities include:

  • Examination timetable production
  • Examination proforma exercise
  • Examination paper production
  • Examination venue bookings and operation
  • Engagement and training of invigilation staff
  • Overseas examination matters
  • Examination adjustments

Telephone: +44 (0)203 1089 744 (Int: 59744)
Email: examinations@ucl.ac.uk (exam organisation)
Location: Floor 9, 1-19 Torrington Place (and varying operational venues throughout the year)

Student Data team

Changes to working activities due to Covid-19

  • Statutory returns, freedom of information request and development work will be done remotely.
  • The team will be unavailable via telephone, but meetings can be arranged via MS Teams.

Responsibilities include:

  • provide student-related data for annual monitoring, internal quality review and external returns such as research council submissions and accreditation
  • maintain structures and entities within Portico, such as department, programme, route and JACS coding
  • maintain data quality to allow the statutory returns to be produced effectively
  • co-ordinate UCL’s internal student load exercise to inform the allocation of resource and meet statutory requirements in these areas

Email: studentdata@ucl.ac.uk
Location: 9th Floor, 1-19 Torrington Place 

Student Records team

Changes to working activities due to Covid-19

  • Some processes may be disrupted by essential mitigation arrangements.
  • Training and support for exam board, progression, and award processing will be delivered online via videos and MS Teams.
  • Programme management and engagement activities are under review and may be delievered by video, MS Teams and other modes of communication.
  • An interim service for ad-hoc transcript production is in development
  • External examiners' expenses can currently not be processed remotely
  • Approval of 18+ Oyster cards cannot currently be processed
  • The team will be unavailable via telephone, but students can raise queries through askUCL.

Responsibilities include:

  • In-person enrolment for new students
  • On-line (pre-/re-)enrolment for new, continuing and distance learning students
  • Student module selection
  • Module approval and amendment by teaching/parent departments
  • Interruptions, withdrawals, deferred assessments, programme transfers, and other related tasks
  • Co-ordination of module result entry, student progression, and creation of awards on Portico
  • Research degree examination entries, thesis submission and dispatch
  • Publication of official results and awards to students
  • Degree certificates and academic transcripts (for current and former students)
  • The Higher Education Achievement Report [HEAR]
  • Co-ordination of affiliate and intercollegiate student matters
  • Nomination, appointment and payment of Examiners for research degrees and specialist doctorate programmes
  • Verification of 18+ Transport for London oyster card applications

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7679 4126 (Int: 34126)

  • examboards@ucl.ac.uk (for staff only)
    For undergraduate and postgraduate taught programme related matters
  • Current students should log an enquiry via askUCL


Student Lifecycle team

Responsibilities include:

  • support the set up and maintenance of core records in Portico (SITS)
  • ensure that programme and module data is current and complies with Academic Regulations
  • organise and deliver training and briefing opportunities for departmental staff using Portico functionality
  • provide advice and support for new processes around the student lifecycle

Email: lifecycle@ucl.ac.uk