Student and Registry Services


Current Student digital product team

As part of UCL’s Change and Digital Student Lifecycle portfolio, we are responsible for delivering business improvements and digital transformational activities relating to student administration.

Our vision is to make the complex simple by unifying, simplifying and automating student administration. ​We put the student at the heart of everything we do creating a seamless and connected digital journey from becoming a student up until graduation. 

Our responsibilities include:

  • understand the student administration journey from becoming a student to graduation, identify pain points and implement improvements
  • deliver digitally intuitive processes to improve the student SITS (Portico) experience
  • ensure a robust SITS (Portico) technical environment with reporting capability to match UCL’s needs
  • enable and support accurate student recordkeeping
  • enable and support efficient maintenance of UCL curriculum
  • ensure SITS (Portico) data is setup in a way that reflects best practice
  • ensure UCL’s regulations, structure and policy are represented in SITS (Portico)
  • facilitate and deliver SITS (Portico) process improvements

Email: currentstudent@ucl.ac.uk