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New process for PGR thesis submission – viva copy

18 March 2024

Electronic copies now submitted via UCL OneDrive

UCL Dropbox is being phased out by 19 April 2024. Due to this, the process in which PGR students submit the electronic viva copy of their thesis is changing.

PGR students must submit their thesis via UCL OneDrive. Instructions on how to do this are located on the Thesis Formatting webpages. Once examiners have been formally appointed, the thesis is shared with them. Students and supervisors are not permitted to submit the thesis directly to examiners.

In some instances, an examiner may also request a hard copy of the thesis. If this is requested, it is the student's responsibility to arrange for the thesis to be printed and submitted to the Student Enquiries Centre during their walk-in operational hours. The research degrees team collects submitted theses every Thursday and dispatches these to the examiner/s as required. 

Contact details for further information: d.blundred@ucl.ac.uk