Student and Registry Services


Award certificates - hard copies

14 November 2023

Final deadline for students to check and up-date their address and contact information to ensure their degree documentation arrives safely

On PGT Results Day students whose awards were approved by Faculty by the deadline of 17 November 2023, will be sent a results email with details of their results and award.   

The email will include a reminder asking students to check their Home address on Portico to ensure it is up-to-date and correct. For details on what information students can access please read this https://www.ucl.ac.uk/students/status/your-student-status/statement  

The final deadline for students to up-date or amend their Home address is 11 December 2023.  After this date no further address changes can be included in the Certificate data, and degree documents will be sent to the address recorded on Portico by the deadline. 

If you are communicating with your PGT finalists or students contact you for information about their degree documentation, please refer them to the above articles and remind them of the 11 December 2023 deadline for up-dating their address.

The Award certificates in hard copy form will be sent to the students in February 2024. 

Contact details for further information: examboards@ucl.ac.uk