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External Examining Updates and Toolkit – Resources for Board Teams

24 July 2023

Key updates on Expenses and Nominations and a Planning Toolkit webpage showing guides on completing tasks and other useful resources

External Examiner Updates 

Expenses: There is now updated guidance on External Examiners expenses available on the Fees and Expenses FAQs webpage. Please ensure to read through the information and share it with External Examiners who are attending Boards of Examiners in person. 

2023/24 Nominations: Please note the revised deadline for submitting nominations for 2023/24 Academic Year is 31st August 2023. 

Toolkit for Board Teams 

Within the External Examining webpage, there is now a page, Planning toolkit for Board Teams, with useful guides. 

Board colleagues listed as Board members on the Portico Data Hub task and Faculty colleagues will have access to a task within the BoE container: Taught programme examiner process report. Colleagues can run these Portico Process Reports to check various things like:  

  • Start and end dates of External Examiners. 
  • Tracking nomination requests. 
  • Retrieving username details for External Examiners.  
  • Report and responses tracking.  

Taught Programme Examiner Process Reports

We hope you find this page useful and a complement to the information in Academic Manual Chapter 9, Section 4 on External Examining and Chapter 4, Section 13 on Boards of Examiners.  

We welcome your suggestions and ideas on what would be useful for you to see on these pages to assist with the External Examining activity. Do contact us on examiners@ucl.ac.uk.  

Contact details for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk