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Module Selection for 2022/23 – Update

27 October 2022

Important Module Selection 2022/23 Update

Now that we are into the 2022/23 academic session, please see below a few points which you should be aware of relating to module selection for this session: 

Student Module Verification task – students who have module choices for 2022/23 will be asked to verify that their selections are correct on Portico. If they are not correct, students will be advised to contact their home/parent department with any changes which might be required. 

Timeline – Monday 5 December to Friday 9 December 2022

Changes to T2/3 module selections – departments to have processed in the ‘Departmental Student Module Amend’ container any changes to student module selections for terms two/three and approved/rejected outstanding selections in the ‘Student Module Selections – Approvals’ container. For exceptional changes required after this date, a ‘Faculty Student Module Amend’ container will be made available for faculty colleagues – more information will follow about this. 

Deadline – Friday 16 December 2022

Checking module credits and approval statuses – please continue to ensure students have a full set of approved modules and the correct number of credits on their record for 2022/23

If you have any questions, please use your ‘Enquiry Log’ which can be found on your Faculty and Student Records MS Team or contact your Student Records Manager.