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Checking module credits and approval statuses

29 September 2022

How to check all students have a full set of approved modules and the correct number of credits on their records for 2022/23

Checking module credits and approval statuses using reports 

The progression and award rules have been written to comply with UCL’s credit and qualification framework and therefore check that students have taken the correct number of credits on the programme overall (e.g. 180 for a standard 1 year MSc) and the correct number of credits at particular levels (e.g. no more than 150 credits at level 4 on an undergraduate programme).  To avoid problems at the time of the Exam Board, it is vital that any students whose module sections do not meet the credit requirements are identified now when it is still possible to take action to rectify the situation.

Please use the ‘Summary by Student’ report which can be found in the Student Module Selection container.

Which report should I use to check module credits and module approval status?

Summary by Student provides an overview of total credits selected, credits by FHEQ level selected and approved/rejected/pending credits for 2022/23; total credits passed in past sessions and credits passed in past sessions by FHEQ level; grand total of credits’ grand total of credits by FHEQ level.

How do I run the report to check credits?

To identify these students, you can add additional search criteria when running the ‘Summary by Student’ report:  

 a) Click on the ‘Student Module Selection’ section of Portico and select ‘Summary by Student’.
 b) You can search by ‘Route of Study’ or ‘Student Parent Department’ and you must also choose a ‘Year of Study’. When searching, you can start typing the route or department and then pick from a drop-down.
 c) The ‘Module Credit Operator’ should be used to filter students by a particular credit amount.
 d) You should select the credits from the drop-down.
 e) You can enter the period over which you want to search in ‘Time span’.
 f) Press ‘Retrieve’.

Any queries or questions should be submitted via your Teams Student Records and SLT Query Management Log.