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Examination Arrangements for 2021

12 March 2021

New Timetable Software and New Digital Platform AssessmentUCL

All centrally managed examinations in April-May 2021 will be delivered on-line via our new digital platform AssessmentUCL.

The default duration for examinations will be 24 hours.  Some examinations will have a shorter timed duration which will be delivered within a 24-hour window where the students’ clock will start when they access the examination paper.

Examination Timetable

The examination timetable has been published to students.  Please note that students will NOT be able to access this through Portico.  All students with a centrally managed exam were sent an email on 1 March explaining how to access their timetable along with instructions on adding it to their calendars.  This information can also be found at: Exam Timetables.

The timetable will give some students consecutive or overlapping 24-hour windows.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid this when scheduling.  This is no different from the scheduling of face-to-face exams where students would frequently have exams on consecutive days and sometimes have two exams in one day. Students should be reminded that the expectation will not be that they work on any exam for the full 24-hour period; but that the expected work commitment would be similar for that of face-to-face exams (i.e. 2-3 hours work).  Any students with queries should be referred to our FAQ at: Exams and assessments 2020-21 FAQs.

The new digital platform AssessmentUCL

Last year, all centrally managed online exams took place in Moodle.  This year, these exams will be delivered using a very similar process, on a new digital platform called AssessmentUCL.

All students have been invited to take part in a practice exam to allow them to familiarise themselves with the platform in advance of their examinations. They can access this via: University College London - AssessmentUCL LIVE
Practice Exam for staff AssessmentUCL 

We have created a practice exam which staff may wish to access to see what the student journey is.  If you wish to be added to this please email assessment@ucl.ac.uk.  For more information on the practice exam including step by step guide please refer to our website.  Once you are registered on the practice exam you will then be able to access the AssessmentUCL platform.

Further information

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Contact email for further information: examinations@ucl.ac.uk