Exam Timetables

All exams in 2020-21 will be delivered online.

All times shown on your timetable are in UK time (This will be BST (UTC+1). The times shown in the AssessmentUCL platform will be your local time.

Thursday 04 March 16:30
The Exam Timetable system is stable and you are able to view your personalised Timetable.

Resits for continuing students will take place in the Main Examination Period (April-May 2021).

Expected Timetable Publication Dates 2020/21


Exam Dates

Timetable Published

Main exam period 2021

You will now see your exam dates in your examination timetable

1 March

Late Summer Assessments 2021

16 August – 3 September

19 July

How to view your exam timetable

Instructions for how to view a timetable of your centrally managed exams, and how to export it to your online calendar.