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External Examining Webpage – FAQs, Tasks timeline, Key Contacts

11 June 2021

Refer to the External Examining Webpage for FAQs, Timeline of Tasks and Key Contact details and News items

Within the Academic Policy and Quality Assurance webpage, there is a dedicated page for the External Examining processes which staff should refer to. We are building this page with various FAQs (including Fees and Expenses, Tenure, responding to External Examiners reports, Moodle guidance), Key Tasks and Deadlines for the calendar year as well as Key Contacts for specific queries which are not managed by the External Examining team.  

We have added a new area – External Examining Updates – which include current and relevant Academic Services news items relating to External Examining. 

We hope you find this page useful and a complement to the information in Academic Manual Chapter 9, Section 4 on External Examining and Chapter 4, Section 13 on Boards of Examiners.  

Contact email for further information: examiners@ucl.ac.uk