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Module Selection for 2020-21 is now open

2 September 2020

Details of Module Selection 2020-21

Module Selection for 2020/21 is now open. All students who are pre-enrolled, enrolled, un-certain progression (ie students whose progression is dependent on the outcome of LSA), waiting to enrol can take part in module selection. 

There are three types of module selection student: 

  • Students who have one or more optional/elective module to choose: these students have been emailed with a link to select their modules on Portico. 
  • Students on all compulsory / non-condonable compulsory programmes: these students have been emailed that they can log onto Portico to view their modules 
  • Students who are excluded from module registration: these students have been emailed that they can view any modules which may be relevant for their programme on Portico 

Included in the above emails, all students are asked to confirm on Portico their intention for study. If face-to-face, their expected arrival date at UCL. If remote, their country and time-zone. They will also have a link to book a time to collect their UCL ID card if they are coming to campus.

From now on, as new students are transferred from Admissions, they will be emailed separately to pre-enrol and take part in module selection depending on their module selection type as above.

Key Dates

Early September 2020

Module Selection Opens for All Students 

Department Approvals of Student Module Selections Begins

16 October 2020

Deadline for Student Module Selection

Deadline for new students to enrol

30 October 2020

Deadline for Department Approvals of Student Module Selections for the Year Ahead

Deadline for continuing students to enrol

18 December 2020Deadline for changes to term 2/3 modules

Enhancements to student-facing functionality

This year a number of enhancements have been made to student-facing functionality. Students will now be able to re-select modules online when a place is declined by the department and can request changes online which feed into the departmental approval process.

Further guidance can be found here - Module Registration 

Further enhancements to staff-facing functionality 

In addition to a number of usability enhancements following feedback from 2019/20, staff can now:

  • approve student re-selections or change requests through the same approval workflow as initial module selections 
  • close modules for registration once they are full 
  • re-send confirmation emails to students after making amendments 

Existing module registration reports have also being expanded to include data on re-selections and change requests.

Further guidance can be found here - Module Registration 2020


If you have any questions, please use the Diet and Module Registration Query Management log in your Faculty and Student Records Team > Programme Reviews for 20-21 > Files. If you do not have access to the channel, please contact your faculty administration team as they should be able to add you.