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Exam Board Enhancements - Testing

5 May 2020

Academic Department testing of the Exam Board processes has begun and will run until the 15th of May

Academic Services is currently finalising enhancements to the Exam Board Portico processes and reports. Academic Department testing of the Exam Board processes has begun and will run until the 15th of May. If you would like to test these processes and have not received the details please contact academicmodelproject@ucl.ac.uk

The Exam Board Chairs Working Group will be asked to review the overall process and the statistical reports that they specified in mid-May.  Once this testing is complete, feedback reviewed and any necessary changes implemented thorough end-to-end testing will take place to assure all of the rules and related processes are working correctly. 

Twenty different deliverables have been enhanced to support these complicated processes that also require accurate student and marks data; correct progression and award rules; and staff setup properly to reflect their roles on the exam boards. Your assistance in testing and making certain the system setup is accurate is much appreciated and necessary to assure processes run as smoothly as possible.  

The process for Exam Boards first introduced in summer 2019 uses system-based rules to provide validation of student progression and degree outcomes. This provides assurance that awards are correct, automates algorithmic decisions, and gets results to students more quickly.

The revised algorithms to calculate the No Detriment policy are currently being built in Portico and will be tested with programme teams and Student Records in due course. This will be a separate exercise. Please see No Detriment - Update for more information.

Work is also underway to update training materials and adapt our approach to training and support for remote working.

Contact details for further information: academicmodelproject@ucl.ac.uk