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Module Verification and Study Intentions - Student Communication

3 December 2020

Information on communication sent to students regarding Module Verification and Study Intentions

This is to confirm that we have sent an email to students asking them to check their module registrations and to confirm study intentions for terms 2 and 3. Students that do not have modules to verify will only receive the study intentions section of the email.

A copy of the email that has been sent is as follows:

Dear [Student] 

Don’t delay! Make sure your study information is up-to-date by completing the tasks below today. 

Module Verification
It is essential that you review and verify your module selections on Portico as the information on your record will be used to support many aspects of your programme of study while you are here at UCL. 

Why is this important?
If we do not have an accurate record of your approved module selections your examination timetable will be incorrect and you will not be able to access essential online teaching materials and examinations. This will also affect your academic transcript and potentially your tuition fees. 

How do I verify my module selections? 
1. Log into Portico
2. Go to the 'My Studies' page. 
3. Go to the 'Module Assessment' container on this page. 
4. Select the 'Verify modules for assessment' link. 
5. Review the details that appear on the screen carefully before selecting the appropriate response: 

  • If all the information displayed is correct, select the "I AGREE" button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • If any of the information is incorrect, select the "I DO NOT AGREE" button. 
  • If anything is missing, select the "I DO NOT AGREE" button 

6. If you select the I DO NOT AGREE option you must contact your parent department immediately to arrange for your module registration details to be amended. It is vital that you discuss this with your department urgently as they have a short window in which to make any changes. 

Please complete this task today or by 5pm (GMT) on Friday 11th December 2020 when the task will close. 

Intention to Study
Are you studying remotely or on campus this year? Let us know, so UCL can provide the best support for you and your education. 

In Terms Two and Three, you continue to have the option of studying wherever you are based, according to travel restrictions and your personal circumstances. 

You will still be able to engage fully with your modules online and receive the same teaching of core module content as students attending UCL in person. You can also change your plans, if your circumstances change. 

Please confirm whether you intend to study remotely or on campus in terms 2 and 3 by going to Portico – My Studies – Study Intentions 2020/21 and amending your status. 

You can continue to access this task to update the information if your plans change. 

Further information

If you have any questions about these tasks, please visit askUCL, our student enquiry system. 

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