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Earlier module selections for affiliate students

25 July 2019

Learn more about the changes to module registration from August 2019

Affiliate students starting in September 2019 will be able to select modules through Portico module registration once they have pre-enrolled from early August 2019.

When undertaking module registration, all students, including affiliates, will be able to link to the timetable to check for clashes. Once selections are submitted, they will be subject to parent and teaching department approval, and the parent department will continue to be able to control the balance of module selections as in previous years.

By default, programme diets should guide affiliate students to choose at least 50% of their modules from their home department in line with standard practice, unless your department has amended this in academic review. Also, if students need to amend their selections once submitted or they are rejected from their choices, they should contact their home department who can amend selections on their behalf.

We are developing training materials and guidance for students on the module registration process which aims to answer any questions they might have.

Please see also the article Departments to start processing students’ module selections from August for more details about module registration, including information on new staff functionality and training materials.


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