Student and Registry Services


Departments to start processing students’ module selections from August

26 July 2019

Supporting a better module registration experience for all students

From August all new and continuing students will be able to select their modules for the 2019/20 academic session on completion of pre-enrolment and re-enrolment respectively:

  • New postgraduate and affiliate students   -   from early August 2019
  • Continuing students   -   from mid-August 2019
  • New undergraduate students   -   from end of August 2019

A package of online training materials to guide staff through the improved approval and amendment processes is now available.

Processing module choices as early as possible
Staff in teaching and parent departments are encouraged to process students’ module choices as soon as possible so that students know the outcome of their selections at the earliest opportunity, ideally before the start of the first term. 

Early notification is particularly important for any student who has a module rejected so they have time time to choose an alternative. Thanks to new functionality, staff will be able to customise emails to students with the reason why a module has been rejected and what they need to do next.

Students should also be encouraged to make use of the key information included in the new UCL Module Catalogue when making their module selections.

Improvements to module approval and amendment processes

A number of improvements have also been made to the staff module approval and amendment processes:

  • Except where set to be auto-approved during Academic Review, all optional and elective modules must be approved by both the teaching and parent department. This can take place in any order or simultaneously where the teaching and parent department are the same.
  • Bulk approvals can also be made where appropriate.
  • Easier access to students’ module results from previous years to inform decision-making.
  • Staff can now add modules to a students’ record prior to the student completing module registration, where required.

Module registration dashboard

A module registration dashboard will be available to departments and faculties to assist with monitoring student engagement, as well as teaching and parent department progress with processing students’ selections. Other reports will also be available to provide better oversight of the approval process to make sure students are registered for the correct volume and level of credits.

Module registration deadline

The deadline for module registration for students is 11 October 2019. Staff will have until 25 October 2019 to approve students’ initial module selections.

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