Frans Masareel Residency

The Frans Masereel Centre offers residencies and a working space to graphic designers, artists and critics who want to work with printmaking processes such as intaglio, relief printing, screen print or lithography, or who want to investigate the relationship of graphics with other visual arts. Artists have the chance to reside during the whole year whilst students are welcomed during February and March for a school residency. There are 4 types of residency: General Residency, Research Residency, Essay Residency, School Residency. for more info.  

Artist Residency Programmes

International Artist Residency Programmes   The websites listed below lead to hundreds of international residency programmes.   The list of individual residencies in various countries is based on suggestions from Slade staff and students.   The document is intended as a general information resource: The Slade does not endorse any particular residency programme. ______________________________________________   Websites for general residency listings: › Art Directory › Artist Residencies   _____________________________________________________   Dominican Republic Davidoff Art Initiative   China Organhaus Art Read more