A practical approach to the preservation of photographs

This post will focus specifically on photographs to allow for additional detail in the suggestions for their particular care. http://theironroom.wordpress.com/2014/04/14/preserving-your-family-papers-a-practical-approach-to-the-preservation-of-photographs/

Examples of some Framing & mounting Options

Frames and Mounts Metro Imaging have some useful photographs of different framing and mounting techniques including: Light Boxes Mounting to almuinium with split batons Face mounting to perpsex / plexi (Diasec mounting) Box Frame Floating Box Frame Classic Photo Frame Keyline Photo Frame Tray Photo Frame https://metroimaging.co.uk/photo-mounting/ See our list of suppliers for other framers who can also offer most of these services http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slade/know/148 Here’s a picture of a float mounted print. The print is attached with archival tape to a mount board so the print is not flattened but sits on top of the board. Float mounted prints are Read more

Dry Mounting a Print Step by Step

  Dry mounting provides a good-looking, stable  support for a print. Shown here is a mount with a wide border around the print. The mounting materials, the print, and the inner surfaces of the press should be clean; even a small particle of dirt can create a bump or dent when the print is put under pressure in the press. … PDF: Dry Mounting a Print Step by Step

Bleed Mounting/Overmatting

  A bleed-mounted print is even with the edges of the mount. … An overmatted  print has a raised border around the print. It consists of an overmat (a piece of mount board with a hole cut in it) placed over a print that is attached to another piece of mount board (the backing board). The overmat helps  protect the print and can be easily replaced if it becomes soiled or damaged. After overmatting, the print can be framed or displayed as is. … PDF: Bleed Mounting/Overmatting