Audio Fundamentals

A guide to how sound works with an emphasis on its basic physics. Audio Fundamentals (53MB) The information presented here is about how sound works in an audio recording context. In part it’s about technologies – and contains some useful techniques – but in the main it is about the practical application of the physics of sound. You will not find much information on which buttons to push on a particular device or program, or what to plug in where. Instead, it attempts to sketch a conceptual foundation to making recordings with a bit more understanding about what is really Read more

Museum of Obsolete Media

A great online resource that catalogues current and obsolete formats for Film, Photography, Video, Audio, and Data

Innovation in documentary- MIT

Defining documentary has never been easy, all the more because of different cultural traditions. The English-speaking world often looks back to the British documentarian John Grierson’s definition of the form as ‘the creative treatment of actuality’ — a useful phrase that he first used to describe Robert Flaherty’s Moana, but one that inadvertently wedded the documentary project to the linear narrative. Other cultures have used other descriptors, embracing radically different types of filmmaking in their understanding of the documentary. Today’s interactive documentaries compel us to revisit our assumptions. We take an expansive view of documentary, and are above all interested Read more

Network Audio Transmitter   Transmit/receive uncompressed stereo audio over a local network. Turn two computers into a really expensive XLR cable… for free! A student recently asked how to make a high-quality audio link from the basement of a building to an upper floor. It’s too long to run a cable, and a suitable radio link would be complicated. The building does have an ethernet network, so I created these applications. (Just a set of user-interfaces around therecommended MAX/MSP methods for uncompressed network audio streaming.) It’s a complex solution to a simple problem, but computers/networks seem to be more plentiful than hundreds of Read more

Max MSP at Slade

We have two licenses for Max MSP V6.1: Edit Suite 4 Sound Studio

100 Open Source programs for Audio and Video

Open source applications make it easy to create, listen to and view digital audio and video content. Animation 1. Blender Replaces: AutoDesk Maya Suitable for professional use, Blender is a 3D animation suite that offers modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and game creation capabilities. It also features a customizable interface, and it can import and export from a wide variety of file formats. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X. 2. Art of Illusion Replaces: AutoDesk Maya Art of Illusion isn’t quite as polished as Blender, but its developers claim the latest version (released September 2013) “is both stable Read more

Wireless PA System, QTX Sound – Manual

The Media Store now has this Wireless PA System. QTX Sound QR12PA / QR15PA QTX Sound User Manual 178.843 / 178.846 Features:  Mains, external or internal D.C. power supply  Internal 12V rechargeable battery  2 x VHF handheld wireless microphones included  2 x microphone inputs (6.3mm jack)  Master 2 band EQ and Echo effect for microphones  Internal USB/SD digital audio media player  Wireless remote control for media player  Integral trolley with telescopic handle  Integral 35mm pole mount  AUX line input