Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation www.elizabethgreenshieldsfoundation.org  The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation provides financial grants to students and to artists in the early or developmental stage of their career. The Foundation focuses solely on those who work in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture or printmaking. Grants are intended to assist applicants in the study or practice of their art, and the costs associated therewith, such as tuition, studio rental, model fees, travel and living expenses. Eligible courses of study or training include undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate studies and diploma programs from accredited institutions, recognized residencies, apprenticeships/internships and studio training.

Finance, Grants, Bursaries and Funding

Funding opportunities Public funding Public funding usually takes the form of grants that you don’t have to pay back. It comes from the government and other public organisations. Arts Council England National Lottery Fund Local authorities, councils NESTA, etc EU/EC funding Start-Up loans Private funding Private funding covers areas like corporate social responsibility, marketing and PR, and private equity (shareholding). It’s possible that some funders may take a share in your business. Corporate sponsorship and awards Venture Capitalists and Angel investors Funding from individuals or trusts There are sources of funding available from individuals or charitable organisations. There is usually Read more