Colour Photographic Printing


The colour processing that we shall be using is the subtractive method. Using the subtractive filters of yellow magenta and cyan. In practise you will only use two filters at any one time, as a third filter will simply reduce the effect of the other two.  In practise you will only use the filters magenta and yellow. …see full text

PDF: Colour Printing


Min Test Strip  Print Size

Exposure: Aperture – start at f8, First Test Strip: 5,10,20,40  sec, Adjust aperture to target 20  sec exposure… see full text

A ring-around chart for neg/pos colour printing

Filtration data shows what  to subtract from present filter settings  if a  print showing  this cast is  to revert to correct colour. centre of chart.  Extreme colour shifts of  SO a r e  included here t o  clarify differences between the six  colours …see full text

PDF: Control colour balance